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The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is a immensive graphical and sound diverse and realistic game.  That’s the only element that counters the other elements that makes this game good.  For all gamers out there, you only get three installs of the game, after that; the game dvd becomes useless.  This was the ungreatful side of the game and the game again gets boring.

Overall Score 8.0

Gameplay:                 6.0

Riddick tries to escape Butcher Bay prison.  Riddick uses various weapons such as clubs, rifles, and other powered ranged weapons. At the beginning of the game the player has to be stealthy.  Players should keep in the shadows, and be sneaky.  Being sneaky and stealthy is the way to avoid enemies.  The game is HARD to beat,  I had to play many times and wasted many hours trying to defeat a mech robot in the game.  Some of the places in the games have hard enemies to defeat and trial and error is the way to play.

Graphics:                             9.0
The images look real life, even the character in the game looks like Vin Diesel from the original movie.  The cinematics are breath taking.  The player is always trying to find out what the next cinematics are going to happen.  The lighting and shadows in the game is realistic.  The player will always want to be in the shadows.  The shadows is safe and can avoid enemies eyes.

Sound:                                   9.0
The voices and the in game play sounds are realistic.  The sound quality is great.  The way Riddick speaks sounds like the original actor Vin Diesel, and the voices in the game also excite the gamer.

Replay Value:                         7.0

The game gets boring after awhile.  The game is basically a stealth game.  Once the players goes through the levels, pathways, and puzzles, the game is basically the same if players would want to replay the game.  The worst thing is the game only has 3 times install, this is the worst thing they can insert into the game.